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Indian Mound Cemetery maintains working records that go back to the first burials in 1863. Our books are not currently available electronically, but we are happy to answer inquiries. For general genealogy inquiries, we do not charge a set fee, but ask that you send a donation after the fact.  For formal legal inquiries requiring a letter from the association secretary, we charge a $15 fee per name to be looked up. We also work closely with the Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society.  In many cases, the historical society can provide much more detailed information than we can.

Interment Register - Each burial is recorded in date order starting from the beginning of the cemetery in 1863 (see sample page).  Many of the early burials were re-interments of people who died prior to 1863 and were originally buried in Moravia's Dry Creek Cemetery. We have an index by name for the Interment Register, but it is easier to find a listing if you can provide an approximate death date.  All entries include First and Last Name, Date of Death, Date of Burial and Location (Section and Lot Number).  Most entries also include place of birth, place of death and date of birth, however the reliability of this information varies and should not be considered as proof for genealogy purposes.  Some records include additional notes regarding occupation and spouse or parents. The Interment Register does not include names of persons not buried in the cemetery, even though those names might be included on a headstone (see Headstone Listing below)

Lot Book - Our Lot book is organized by section and lot and identifies the name of the lot owner (or purchaser) but generally does not specify who is buried in a particular lot. For privacy reasons, we cannot answer inquiries about lots designated for persons still living, except inquiries from the actual owner or those authorized to act on their behalf.

Headstone Listing - A headstone listing was compiled by Leslie L. Luther in the 1950s, who at the time was historian for the town and village of Moravia, and secretary of the cemetery association.  The original listing, in the collection of the Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society, has subsequently been transcribed for the internet by Steve and Pat McKay and currently can be found on the Cayuga NYGenWeb site. The listing is limited to what is inscribed on the headstones, although Mr. Luther did include additional information in some places. Copies of the listing at the historical society and with the cemetery include Section and Lot number.  Caution should be exercised in interpreting the information, as some typographical errors exist. Also, many names inscribed on the headstones include spouses, children and other family members who were in fact buried elsewhere. We also believe that a significant number of persons buried at the cemetery (perhaps as many as 500) do not have names inscribed on any headstone.

Death Certificates - Indian Mound Cemetery does not maintain copies of death certificates. You need to contact the Town Clerk for the place of death, or the N.Y. Bureau of Vital Records. For contact information within Cayuga County, please see links to each municipality at the Cayuga County Government website.  Our Interment Register may contain the place of death information that will help you locate the correct Town Clerk.

Obituaries and Death Notices - In addition to the collection of clippings at the Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society, please visit for an online collection of many of the newspapers that were published in Cayuga County and elsewhere in central N.Y.

Civil War Veterans - In conjunction with the Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society, extensive research by Frank S. Foti and Roger Phillips has identified 130 veterans of the Civil War who are either buried or honored here.  A book of biographies is in the works. Please contact us if you would like to review a draft biography for an ancestor or know of a veteran who has not been included in the list.

Lot Maps - Shown below are simplified maps showing the location of each lot.  Names shown on the maps below are the location of Civil War veterans.  The original (offline) versions of these maps include the names of the lot owners at the time the maps were drawn in the 1920s.

Click on a map to view a readable version.  All maps (c) 2008 Indian Mound Cemetery Association


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