Ordinances Adopted by the Trustees of the Indian Mound Cemetery Association (first published 1866)

The Board of Trustees of Indian Mound Cemetery Association, do, by virtue of the power and authority in them vested, hereby ordain and establish the following Rules and Regulations for the government of the Association, and the management of the property and affairs thereof:

  1. All the Business of the Association shall be managed by a Board of no less than six, and no more than twelve Trustees, one-third of whom shall, after the expiration of the terms of the first and second classes already designated, be elected annually, by the proprietors of lots in the Cemetery, for the term of three years. Should there be no lot proprietors in attendance, then the designated trustees shall be elected by a majority of the Board in attendance. Henceforth, Trustees are not required to be plot holders. 
  2. An annual meeting of the proprietors of lots in the Cemetery, for the election of Trustees and the transaction of such other business as may be lawfully submitted to them, shall be held at such place as shall be designated by the Trustees, on the first Tuesday in October, of which it shall be the duty of the Secretary to give at least six days notice in a local newspaper published in this village, or by a conspicuous notice at the Post Office, or both. 
  3.  From the Trustees of the Association there shall be chosen, immediately after each annual election, a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall hold their offices respectively for one year, and until successors shall assume the duties of the said offices; and appointed by the President two Standing Committees, to wit; a Committee on Finance, and a Committee on Improvements. 
  4. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the proprietors and Trustees, to call special meetings of either or both, at his option, or when thereunto requested by three Trustees. To appoint the Standing Committees required by the preceding ordinance, to sign deeds of burial lots, to recommend to the Board, by annual communication or otherwise, such measures for improving, protecting, beautifying and enlarging the Cemetery grounds, as he shall deem expedient and proper, and in general, to supervise the affairs of the Association. In his absence, the duties of his office shall be discharged by the Vice-President, if he shall be present, and if not, by a President pro tempore.
  5. It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to discharge the duties of President whenever the latter shall be absent or from any cause be unable to occupy the Chair.
  6. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to record the proceedings of all meetings of the Board of Trustees to keep a registry of the sale of lots in the Cemetery and of interments reported by the Superintendent; to sign licenses for interments whenever thereto requested by any person who shall have acquired the right to inter in the Cemetery, from the President of the Board of Trustees.
  7. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive and safely keep the funds of the Association, to disburse the same only on the order of the President, countersigned by the Secretary or, another officer or trustee of the board to report all funds in the treasury, and the financial condition of the Association to the Board whenever thereunto requested, and before entering upon his office to execute a bond to the Association, with such sure-ties, and in such penalties as shall be approved by the Board of Trustees, for the faithful performance of his duties.
  8. All monies which shall be derived from the sale of lots, from bequests, and from other sources, shall, except so far as they may be necessarily applied to the payment of the consideration money for the lands which constitute the Cemetery grounds, be faithfully and economically expended upon the said grounds, or otherwise devoted to the purposes and objects of the Association, and shall in no event be paid to or be permitted to enure to the individual benefit of any member of the Association with the exception of the Superintendant.
  9. It shall be the duty of the Board of Trustees, to appoint a Superintendent of the Cemetery, who shall hold his office during their pleasure, and receive for his services such compensation, as the Board shall prescribe.
  10. It shall be the duty of the Superintendent to attend at the Cemetery from time to time, and at such times as the Board of Trustees shall direct, and particularly during funeral ceremonies and interments, to report to the Secretary the name, place of nativity, late residence, age, and occupation of every person whose remains shall be interred or entombed in the Cemetery, together with the date of his or her demise and burial, and the plat and lot, or plat and tomb in which such remains shall be deposited ; to exercise a general care and superintendence of the Cemetery grounds and all buildings, fences, statues, railings, monuments, vaults, avenues, walks, trees, and shrubbery therein, to enforce upon visitors due observance of these ordinances concerning the Cemetery, to expel there from any person or persons whom he may detect in the act of violating these ordinances, and to report the case to the Board of Trustees. In case the Superintendent shall, at any time, deem it necessary, to have additional help in the discharge of his duties, he shall state the case and the facts thereof to the Chairman of the Committee on improvements, and if, in his judgment, it shall be requisite or proper so to do, the said Chairman may direct the Superintendant to employ such additional help.
  11. All interments in lots shall be made under the direction of the Superintendent, and shall be restricted to the remains of members of the family and relatives of the owner of the lot in which such interment shall be made, except special permission for the interment of the remains of other persons upon a particular lot be obtained from the Board of Trustees.
  12. Whenever application shall be made to the Superintendent by any person whom he does not know to be the proprietor of a lot, for the opening of a grave in the Cemetery, he shall, before complying with such request, require the applicant to produce to him a permit signed by the Treasurer. In all cases of interments in lots there shall be immediately due from the owner of such lot, and payable to the Treasurer of this Association for each interment, an updated amount specified by the Board of Trustees.
  13. The Superintendent shall, before he suffers disinterment to take place, require the production of a written permit to that effect, signed by the Secretary of the Association.
  14. In order to preserve uniformity and symmetry, and to prevent the introduction of noxious or objectionable plants, all improvements to lots, grading, ornamenting and planting of trees, shrubs or flowers, are to be done after consultation with, and under the direction of, the Superintendent and the Committee on Improvements. 
  15. Henceforth, In order to preserve uniformity and symmetry, No fencing or railings will be permitted on cemetery lots.
  16. All vaults or tombs shall be constructed of durable material, and fitted up with catacombs, and with the exception of the Receiving Vault of the Association, shall be permanently sealed immediately after the deposit of bodies therein, and the entrance protected with stone or metal doors.
  17. If any monument, vault, tomb, effigy, or structure whatever, or any inscription be placed in or upon any lot, which shall be determined by four of the Trustees for the time being, to be offensive or improper, the Trustees shall have the right, and it shall be their duty, to enter upon such lot, and remove the said offensive or improper objects, provided, however, that if said structure or improvement shall have been made with the consent of the Board for the time being, the same shall not thereafter be removed, except with the consent of the owner thereof. 
  18. In the erection of monuments, vaults, tombs, or other structures, a place will be designated by the Superintendent, for the deposit of the stone, or other material, which shall not remain longer on the ground than is actually necessary for their construction, and which shall be conveyed to, and the rubbish consequent thereon, removed from, the grounds.
  19. If any tree or shrub situated in any lot, shall, by means of its roots or branches, become detrimental, dangerous or inconvenient to the adjacent lots, walks or avenues, the Trustees shall have the right, and it shall be their duty, to cause the removal of the said tree or shrub, or such part or parts thereof as may be deemed detrimental, dangerous, or inconvenient.
  20. Henceforth, it shall be required of the proprietor of each lot, to place and keep in repair, permanent landmarks (cornerstones) of the boundaries of their respective lots.
  21. Proprietors of lots are requested to provide themselves with a copy of the ordinances and recommendations of the Board of Trustees, before erecting any structure, or planting any trees or shrubbery upon their lots, that they may be advised not only of the peremptory Rules of the Association, but of the suggestions of the Board respecting the kind of structures which are the most durable and tasteful, and the species of shrubbery and flowers the most appropriate to the "place of graves."
  22. Visitors properly admitted to the grounds may have access to every part of the Cemetery, provided that they ride or drive in the roadways, and walk in the avenues and paths laid out for those purposes; that they abstain from all disturbing and unnecessary noises, that they ride or drive no faster than a walk, that they bring upon the grounds no fire-arms, fire-crackers, or other explosive substances, refreshments other than water, and abstain from smoking during ceremonies of interment; that they leave no Vehicles on the grounds unattended,; that they retrain from entering any lot which is occupied, without the special leave of the proprietor, and abstain from plucking any flowers, either wild or cultivated, or breaking or injuring any monument, railing, shade-tree, shrub or plant whatever ; that they refrain from writing upon, marking, or in any respect marring or defacing any tablet, monument, tree, headstone, or structure in or belonging to the Cemetery. That if they, are under twelve years of age, they are attended by some person who will be responsible for their conduct, and that they observe, in all respects, such rules of decorum and propriety as shall be harmless to the Cemetery, inoffensive to other visitors, and befitting well-bred visitors to the resting places of the dead.
  23. Any person who shall violate any of the foregoing rules in regard to visitors shall be expelled, and thereafter excluded from the Cemetery grounds, and subject to the severe penalties, which the laws, in such cases, impose.
  24. All applications for the sale and purchase of lots shall be made to the President. The purchase money on any sale is to be immediately paid to the Treasurer, or secured to him by an approved note, when the Treasurer will deliver to the purchaser a good and sufficient deed of the premises so sold, and no interment will be permitted until the purchase money of the lot on which any burial shall be sought to be made, has been paid or secured.
  25. Henceforth, it shall be the duty of lot owners to cause all bases of head stones, to be set upon sub-bases of concrete, or other suitable material so designated by the superintendent, at least six inches in depth, and the setting shall be done under the direction of the Superintendent.
  26. Upon the purchase of a lot by any person, the Association undertakes and agrees to see that the same is kept in order forever thereafter, that the mounds of any graves thereon shall be retained in shape, that any monument or head-stone thereon be carefully attended to, that the grass be always neatly cut, the trees and shrubs suitably pruned and cared for, and generally to do and perform such necessary, and proper things in and about the care and management of said lots, and the mounds, monuments and the erections thereon, as by right should be done.
  27. Any person who may be desirous of having a bed of flowers made and cultivated upon any lot of which he may be the owner, must give notice thereof to, and be constructed under the direction of the Superintendent. The bed shall be carefully kept, and shall be maintained from year to year by the plot owner. The Cemetery Association shall assume no responsibility for any maintenance.
  28. Alterations or additions to these Ordinances shall be proposed in writing to the Board of Trustees, and shall lay over until a subsequent meeting, when, if they receive the vote of a majority of the Trustees elected, they shall take effect as Ordinances of the Association.